Parent, Family, & Community Engagement

We know that engaging families is critical for student success in academics and for social and emotional development, as well as for the overall school climate. Therefore, parent communication is a priority for the CSC. We believe Parent and family engagement is about building relationships with families that support family well-being; supporting strong relationships between parents and their children; and nurturing ongoing learning and development for both parents and children.

Teachers and leaders help parents and students understand the benefits of student-centered education rooted in STEM pedagogy. Teachers help build strong communication and a caring classroom. Teachers talk about student progress, programs and planning; parents provide priceless feedback and input; and students improve both academically and socially.

Our programs encourage informed parent involvement in their children’s education. In particular our Maestro En Casa and STEM Night programs are attuned to this need: Maestro En Casa is an ELL course for newcomers and immigrants meant to teach key concepts and techniques for successful integration in American society and active participation in their children’s school lives; our Parent/Family STEM Nights work closely with school leadership and faculty to put on dynamic, engaged sessions to inform parents and families about what students are learning and how they as parents can best support classroom goals and practices. Both of these programs have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents and school staff alike.

Programs & Partnerships

Parent Empowerment Program

Maestro En Casa - MATT 4 Education (Mexicans and Americans Thinking Together)

Early Childhood Literacy

CSUN (Cal State University Northridge - Liberal Studies)

Parent/Family STEM Nights

Maria Garcia - Expert Consultant

Family Connection Workshops

Power My Learning

Social Service Partners

Partners for Children, Children’s Bureau, Shields for Families, Mitchell Family Counseling Clinic